Meeting the challenges of Adult Ortodontics

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Meeting the challenges of Adult Orthodontics

Lecturer and Key Note Speaker,
Professor Ama Johal
The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary
College, and Active Member of the Angle Society of Europe

• General principles of adult orthodontics, evaluating the biological and clinical aspects of tooth movement
• Treatment planning & appliance options, aiming to explore an everyday approach to meeting the needs and demands of our adult patients and defining the relative goals of treatment
• Space planning and delivering with confi- dence, we explore space requirements and creation in order to assess the anchorage and treatment mechanics necessary
• The importance of managing the Ortho- dontic interface with restorative care & periodontal care through a joint approach and as a consequence achieving what is otherwise the impossible
• Retention: A Clinician’s [Evidence-based] approach vs. Patient perception of impor- tance: How can we achieve better outco- mes?
• An overview of our current understanding of sleep-related breathing disorders and the importance of the dental profession
• A current evidence-based perspective on the role of mandibular advancement appli- ances in the management of sleep-related breathing disorders
• We will explore the practical aspects of mandibular advancement appliances, provi- ding Clinical tips on achieving success with treatment.

21-22 oktober 2021

City konferenscenter, Klostergatan 23, Örebro

Övertandläkare 2900 SEK (exklusive moms)
ST-tandläkare 2000 SEK exklusive moms)
Kaffe/te och lunch ingår i priset

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okt 21 - 22 2021

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